Hello, Nice to meet you. I’m Cho (a.k.a Joey)!

I’ve been visiting many countries like Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China because I like to know different culture and meet people from different countries.

After graduating, I’ve been working in Marketing and sales in LG electronics for 4 years in Korea. But I quit it at the beginning of 2017 because I wanted to do what I am interested! After leaving the company, I flew to Spain to start the Camino de Santiago (Pilgrim’s way to Santiago Compostela, Spain). While walking 20 kilometers everyday for 30 days, I could focus on myself and think about the past and future.

I made a small essay / photo book with the materials I wrote and took during the Camino (Pilgrim’s way). With the pleasure of making something new by myself, I keep making photo book and zine here in Japan, too.

When I was in Korea, I took snap/portraits for foreigners who visited Seoul, Korea. I was on TV program which introduced young people who do what they like for a business. Here is a short clip of that program. (I’m on this video, too!)

I like meeting people from all around the world and share the feelings and thoughts from different countries. So it is one of the reasons that I start shooting for foreigners who visit Tokyo. Since I’m a big fan of Japanese movie and animation, I’m trying to capture and shoot the moment as the scene of the films.

I’m working as a professional photographer mostly doing photo-tour for foreigners. I found myself enjoying doing photography and feeling really happy that I can do what I’m interested in and what I love to do!

I hope you love my works as much as I do. Please enjoy your stay.

Joey (Cho Byeong Uk)

2013/08 B.A. the department of Mass Media/Communication and Video/Photography,
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

2019/08 Rose of Sharon (Korea Natl’ Flower) Photo Contest, Forest Service, Korea
2019/05 Snap Photo Contest, 22th Century Art, Japan
2019/06 Shitamachi x Seven Station Photo Contest, Tokyo Metro, Japan

Photography Books
2017/11 “Santiago, the moments on the road”, Korea
2019/09 “Minnano (Everyone’s) Zine” Series #1, #2, #3, Japan