“trailer zine” is a series of 32-page-long postcard zines by an author and a photographer from Korea, created during the coronavirus pandemic in Japan under the travel restrictions in 2020. The zine features interviews and portrait photos of various individuals of queer community in Tokyo, including drag artists, go-go boys, DJs and others who have engaged in local activism. The bilingual zine in English and Japanese debuted in April 2021, launching its first and second volume together with 23 interviews in total.

*Includes two stickers



Kosmic Sans/コスミック・サンズ

[Drag performer, Background artist, Graphic designer]

Vera Strondh/ヴェラ・ストロング

[Drag performer, Choreographer, Gay bar Eagle Tokyo staff]


[Professional model]

Sugimoto Yuhei/杉本雄平 Yuhei 

[Go-go boy, Textile designer]

Yamaji Kazuma, DJ Crazist/山地司真 DJ Crazist

[DJ, IT company employee]

Gabriel Soares, Labianna Joroe /ガブリエル・ソアレス、ラビアナ・ジョロー

[Drag performer, Salesperson]

Daniel /ダニエル

[Dancer for K-Pop dance-cover unit “HOMOLAND”, University staff]

Jo Ye-ji, DJ Hibi Bliss/ジョ・イェジ DJ Hibi Bliss

[DJ, Singer, IT company employee]

Shinohara Yasuyuki, DJ POIPOI/篠原泰之 DJ POIPOI

[DJ, “GQ JAPAN” lifestyle editor]


[Drag performer, Wig artist]


[Drag artist, DJ, Company employee]

Gordon Higgins/ゴードン・ヒギンス



Axel Abyss/アクセル・アビス

[Pornographer, Director]

Kawasaki Yoshi/カワサキ・ヨシ


Ishiguro Keita, DJ 1-DRINK/石黒景太 DJ 1-DRINK

[DJ, Art director, Graphic designer]

Akira the Hustler/アキラ・ザ・ハスラー

[Artist, Drag performer, Former sex worker]

Tasaka Daisuke, DJ TASAKA/田坂大輔 DJ TASAKA

[DJ, Company employee]

Araki Jun, Madame Bonjour JohnJ /荒木順 マダム ボンジュール・ジャンジ

[Drag performer, ex-Director of HIV/AIDS community center “akta”]

Hirano Taichi/平野太一

[Musician, Caretaker, Documentary film director, Former sex worker]

Yagisawa Yusuke/八木澤祐介

[Hardcore punk bassist, Caretaker for people with disabilities]


[DJ, Apparel & fashion business]

Eri /エリ

[DJ, Painter]


[Go-go boy, Volunteer cleaning group 2CHOME UMISAKURA representative]



キム・サンウ/김 상우/KIM SANG-WOO

Kim Sang-woo (金相佑) is the author and producer of “trailer zine.” Born in Korea, he graduated from Waseda University and Columbia Journalism School. A former independent documentary film maker, he wrote and produced interviews and essays for several magazines in Korean and Japanese. Currently working for NHK WORLD, he lives in Tokyo.


Production, Interview, Text | Kim Sang-woo

Photo | Cho Byeong-uk

Proofreading | Akira the Hustler / Lisa Horikoshi

Design | Katami Yo


H175mm×W130 mm/30P/2021 × 2